- Who is did wallpaper?
“did” company, a subsidiary of DAEWON Chemical, is the best and foremost wallpaper professional company in Korea. After 3 years of surveying the market and preparation, “did” was established in October, 1997. They have tried to be the best and foremost wallpaper manufacturer in Korea in terms of sales, quality, design and any other aspects. Eventually, “did” wallpaper is leading the domestic market as a representative wallpaper maker of Korea. As a matter of fact, did wallpaper has been holding 20% of wallpaper market, also silk wallpaper which is supplied by DAEWON Chemical is occupied 30% of entire wallpaper market in Korea.

- History of did wallpaper
1974 Daewon Chemical established. (the parent company of DID, a listed company)
1974 Wallpaper manufacturing commenced.
1994 The automated wallpaper warehouse, the largest in the world, constructed.
1998 ISO 9001 certification received. (the first such certification in the wallpaper industry)
1997.10.17 World Best DID established. (after three years of preparation)
1997.12 Maestro launched in the market. The products were imported from Italy through reverse-OEM, the first case of its kind in Korea .
1998.02 High quality vinyl wallcovering Santafe with a natural feel launched on the market.
1998.03 The first domestic sample book ARIRANG developed, in conjunction with specialized interior fabric company, MONO collection.
1998.04 The CAD system for expert use introduced from NED, UK.
1999.10 The White collection composed of only white and pale yellow colors, for the use of professional interior designers was developed.
1999.11 The second CAD system for expert use introduced from NED, UK.
2000.09 distribution centers built in the Seoul, metropolitan area.
A subsidiary specializing in distribution was established in order to introduce an innovative distribution system.
A domestic sales network covering whole country established.
A high-class wiping vinyl wallcovering, Biwon, a vinyl wallcovering with a soft and comfortable feeling, 4u, and a refined flexo, duplex wallpaper PAPYRUS launched on the market.
2000.10 The White collection II for professional interior designers launched.
2001.01 Portal site specializing in wallpaper (www.didwallpaper.co.kr) opened.
2001.03 D&D, a vinyl wallcovering collection with designs and colors for all tastes and 53cm-width duplex wallpaper eco with a comfortable design and inexpensive price introduced to the market.
2001.04 93cm-width refined duplex wallpaper EPISODE with unique designs launched.
2003.12 ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification received (the first such certification in the wallpaper industry)
- History of Award Year 2001~2004