What is the DMF Refining?

DMF Refining business is an environmental friendly business of refining waste DMF(Di-Methyl Formamide) which is a solvent used in the manufacturing of synthetic leather, using a chemical treatment method.

DAEWON Chemical, recognizing the importance of clean environment, has introduced refining facilities at the time of establishment to recycle waste solvents that occur during manufacturing process for artificial leather. The company currently has the largest refining capacity than any other company in the industry.

Refining Capacity

- Atmospheric and vacuum refining facilities:
Italian facility with treatment capacity of 336 tons/day, 86,400 tons/year

- Solvent storing facilities: totaling 7,900-ton size

For inquiries and consultations regarding waste DMF refining:
- the person in charge : Mr. D S Myoung.
- E-mail : recovery@daewon21.co.kr
- Tel : +82.31.372.3992 (Ext.261)
- Fax : +82.31.372.3428