As a member of the nature, DAEWON Chemical has invested in R&D and equipments for protection and improvement of environment, and made every effort to prevent and minimize discharge of pollutants as well.
1) Installation of R.T.O (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)

The generative thermal oxidizer (RTO) systems use high temperature to destroy VOC emissions within a combustion chamber.

2) Installation of wastewater disposal plant
3) Acquirement of ISO 14001 Certification

Earned ISO 14001 certification,
an environment management system (EMS)
4) The conclusion of VA(Voluntary Agreement)
- What is the Voluntary Agreement?
The Voluntary Agreement for Energy Conservation and GHG Mitigation, which was concluded between high energy consuming companies and the Korean government, was the first of its kind among the non-Annex I countries.
Actually, DAEWON Chemical has entered into an agreement of VA since 2001.