As pioneer of artificial leather manufacturing business in Korea, DAEWON Chemical has succeeded in developing high quality synthetic leather that utilize "wet" process manufacturing based on its superior technology and experience, and is now supplying new material that can altogether replace genuine leather.
DAEWON Chemical's Synthetic Leather over the Years
[ 1974 ]
Establishment of DAEWON Chemical opened a new chapter on high quality artificial leather in Korea Imported wet process line from Germany and finishing facilities.
[ 1983 ]
Developed ULTRA-PORE, breathing water-proof coated fabric for sportswear.
[ 1987 ]
Developed HANIS, high quality synthetic leather for miscellaneous goods.
[ 1989 ]
Imported the world's highest quality Italian wet process line and finishing facilities as well as technology.
[ 1990 ]
Launched production of high quality synthetic leather, LAMBLON
[ 1991 ]
Succeeded in developing artificial leather for high quality athletic footwear, began supplying to Nike and to other well known brands
[ 1992 ]
Developed and launched production of artificial leather for high quality golf gloves
[ 1993 ]
Developed NK-3000 made from micro fiber for tumbled leather style high quality athletic footwear
[ 1994 ]
Completed single wet process, the Korea's first
[ 1995 ]
Developed high density “RooKie-Lite” for weight minimization of high quality running shoes
[ 1996 ]
Developed easy to mold “MDF-1100” for athletic footwear
[ 1997 ]
Developed smooth type “Comforty” with improved ventilation for high quality athletic footwear
[ 1998 ]
Acquired ISO-9001(the first certification in synthetic leather industry)
[ 1999 ]
- Developed “PIVOT” for basketball and “GALAXY” for soccer ball made with
- single wet coating process technology
- Developed non-stretch “NSR-99” for basketball footwear
- Developed high frequency weld “SS-150” for soccer footwear
[ 2000 ]
Introduced the world's first water-borne artificial leather processing facilities
[ 2001 ]
Acquired Environmental Management System ISO 14001(the first certification in synthetic leather industry)
[ 2002 ]
Developed environment friendly “HIGH-LOCK” for car interior, and supplying HYUNDAI, KIA and GM DAEWOO motor companies.
[ 2003 ]
Developed new material for soccer shoes “ENCARTA”, replacing Kangaroo fur.
[ 2004 ]
Set up Micro Fiber and finishing facilities for next generation artificial leather.
[ 2005 ]
Successede in developing synthetic leather for 2006 German World-Cup official soccer shoes spplied to ADIDAS
[ 2006 ]
Acquired automotive quality assurance provisions(TS-16949)
[ 2008 ]
- Established the secondary factory(Ho Chi Minh, VIETNAM)
- Acquired KS(wallpaper)
[ 2009 ]
Supplied Synthetic PU Leather Products for seats of automobiles
[ 2012 ]
Investment on production facilities of IT material